The First Ever FVMA Regionals: The Veterinary Community Gets Their Own Conference

The first-ever FVMA Regionals conference is coming up, and it's the event you've been waiting for. The FVMA Regionals conference is designed to help veterinarians like you get what they need to be successful in their careers. With CE customized just for your needs, this conference aims to bring continuing education right into unique parts of Florida. You'll also have access to esteemed instructors who will provide top-quality CE, hands-on wet labs, and a warm, welcoming environment where all veterinary team members can thrive. Join us at the FVMA Regionals on September 21st! We've got all you need.

What are the FVMA Regionals?

The FVMA Regionals conference is a veterinary education event designed to provide continuing education for Florida veterinarians. The event aims to meet the needs of veterinarians in unique parts of the state by giving hands-on labs, esteemed instructors, and more. All veterinary team members can join in on this one-of-a-kind experience with CE that's customized just for your needs.

Who is this event for?

The FVMA Regionals conference is designed to meet the unique needs of veterinarians in Florida. If you're a veterinarian who has been looking for continuing education that's tailored just for your specific area, then look no further! This one-of-a-kind experience will provide CE right into different parts of Florida and allow members from all areas of the veterinary team to take part in an outstanding learning opportunity.

What can I expect at this year's event?

This year's FVMA Regional Conference offers over 150 hours worth of custom CE opportunities through 70+ tracks divided between four days. The conference also includes live demonstrations, wet labs, hands-on sessions with animal models, cutting-edge technology, networking opportunities, and more. 

Who are the instructors?

The list of instructors is among some of the most outstanding in the veterinary community, including residents at top-tier institutions across Florida and acclaimed veterinarians who have been practicing for years. You'll learn from a mix of junior members to seasoned veterans with a diverse range of knowledge that you can tap into during their sessions throughout the conference. Each instructor also has extensive experience teaching others, so don't miss out this year!

The roster of speakers is massive and full of veterinary superstars from Chris Adin, Professor and Chair of the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences of the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, to Søren Boysen from the University of Calgary, Department of Veterinary Clinical Diagnostic Sciences.

What will other courses be offered?

Courses being offered include many disciplines such as pathology & lab diagnostics, cardiology, surgery & soft tissue surgery, radiology & imaging techniques, and much more. The FVMA Regionals conference offers a range of courses in these disciplines, which will give you the tools to practice and care for your patients.

What is required to attend?

All attendees must meet eligibility requirements, including membership in FVMA, Regional Chapter affiliation, and licensure as a veterinarian in good standing with their licensing board. There may be additional requirements from specific host institutions, but more information on this will follow. Additionally, fees associated with attending vary depending on whether you're an FVMA member or not. This year's event costs $550 for the whole four days if you're already a current paid member ($675 if not) - get all the details here.