Culture First

We believe that a happy team lets us do our best work. That’s why we put culture first. Veterinary Marketing culture is supported by four main pillars: Health, Giving Back, Professional Development, and of course, Having Fun.

Work Perks:

We offer health insurance to all our employees. In addition, we prioritize fun, healthy team activities every month.
Unlimited Vacation
Yup, you read that right. All of our full-time employees get unlimited paid vacation. We love to travel and see the world, and we know cool people like you do, too. Enjoy!
Dog Friendly
We love our four-legged friends. We usually have at least four dogs at the office who love to remind us to take a break and play!
We are minutes away from downtown Fort Lauderdale where we get to enjoy lunch on Las Olas, Runway 84, Cheesecake Factory, The Alchemist coffee shop and much more.
Competitive Salary
We know you're talented, and we'll make sure you're well compensated for your efforts. Expect competitive offers to help you live your best life.
401(k) Match
Helping our team have financially secure futures is something we're passionate about. We not only offer 401(k) and Roth options, but we'll match up to 3%.
Employee Events
A huge part of building team morale is simply enjoying each other's company. When we're not killing it on projects, we have regular social events and happy hours that you're welcome to join.
Office Snacks
Who doesn't love snacks! From fresh fruit and energy bars to chips and candy, we cater to the team's tastes to satiate those 3 pm cravings.
Standing Desks
Whether you prefer to stand, sit, or crouch – or literally anything in between – we have desks that support you in any position you choose to work.
Cold Brew & Kombucha
Need a caffeine or probiotic boost? We have cold brew and kombucha on tap. It's refilled as needed, so knock yourself out.
Our History
Veterinary Marketing was started by John Donato at a kitchen table in Fort Lauderdale as a small, one-man marketing consulting group. A full-service veterinary marketing agency with guaranteed results was born. Since then,  Veterinary Marketing has been dedicated to providing data-driven results and personalized design in a marketing landscape that is all too often cookie cutter or old school. We’ve come a long way since the kitchen table and can’t wait to help more veterinarians.
Our Office
Nestled in an Oakland Park neighborhood, our office has all the startup cliches, from exposed ductwork and reclaimed wood walls, to a beer fridge. A far cry from cubicle farms, our space is open and inviting. We want our team to be happy to come to work, so we’ve designed a beautiful space that maximizes creativity and comfort. But that’s not what makes our office so cool. Our office is always buzzing with creative ideas and a culture where we challenge each other to be the best.
Location, Location, Location
Our office is minutes away from the thriving bars, restaurants, and coffee shops of Las Olas. Our team loves to walk to try one of the many lunchtime vendors, or to work remotely from the comfort of home. After work, it’s not uncommon to find us playing pool at our favorite dive bar.

Join Our Team!

Interested in joining our team, please send your resume to support@veterinarymarketing.com