5 Tips To Take Great Social Media Pictures For Your Veterinary Practice

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Veterinary Marketing
January 10, 2020
You don’t need a fancy camera to take engaging social media content! With just a few adjustments and key insights in mind, you’ll be snapping photos that will garner tons of engagement in no time. Here are 5 super quick tips to take awesome pictures for your social media channels:

1: Align Your Photo

To use the rule of thirds, imagine there is a grid on your viewfinder and try to put the subject of your photo in one of the places where the lines overlap. This is called using the rule of thirds! This tip naturally draws the eyes to the subject of the photo, making it a more pleasant viewing experience.

2: Pay Attention to Lighting

Whether you're inside or out, take a closer look at where your light source is coming from. If you’re indoors, avoid standing directly under a light. Step into an area where light is evenly diffused. If you’re outdoors, keep your phone pointed away from the sun. Your subjects might squint, but the light will illuminate their faces and keep the photo from looking dark.

3: Avoid Zooming

Smartphone cameras are improving, but the second you start zooming, you lose picture quality. It sounds simple, but simply get closer! Or, take the photo, then crop it later. This way, your picture won’t turn out grainy or blurry.

4: Tap to Focus

Just before taking your picture, tap the center of the screen on your phone. This will trigger your camera to automatically focus on the main subjects you’ll be capturing.

5: Find the Right Filter

It may be tempting to boost the saturation or throw a thick sepia layer on your picture, but we recommend approaching filters subtly. Our favorite filter app is VSCO, which adds smooth, fresh tones to your photo that are on trend and totally grammable. Our favorite formula? We select the H3 filter, then bump it up to +1 exposure and +1 saturation. Easy!

With these 5 simple steps, you’ll be taking high quality social media images in seconds. And the best part? You don’t need to think of a caption or post it across multiple social media platforms. Our team is here to help with posting, boosting, ads and so much more. Want to dive into our social media packages? Click here!

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