5 Ways A Veterinary Blog Will Increase Your New Patient Numbers

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Apex VV
December 15, 2019
When a user shops around for a new...anything, the internet is likely the first place they’ll go. Search engines, like Google, have become trusted resources for serving up the best options for products and services, and veterinary care is no different. That’s why your website, and particularly its SEO value, is so crucial to the success of your veterinary practice.

But if you have a website and you know it’s well-optimized, what more can you do?

You can start by adding a blog and learning how effective it can be at increasing your new patient numbers.

Increase Your Veterinary Website’s Traffic

You might be skeptical about the success of a veterinary blog. What would you write about, and what kind of pet owner would enjoy a veterinary-focused blog anyway? But think about how many times you’ve landed on a blog page in search of helpful hints and how-tos. Maybe you’ve been curious about a niche topic and, lo and behold, the first few hits in Google are all blogs. You might not even realize it’s a blog, but once you start paying attention, you’ll start to see many of the websites you visit are, in fact, blogs with answers to the specific questions you’re searching for.

A well-optimized blog post with a unique, highly searched topic will rank well in search engines. And if that blog is well-written, it will hook a reader and kick them into the rest of your veterinary website where they have more potential to convert into a patient.

Enhance Your Veterinary SEO

Getting a pet owner to your website through those unique, well-written blogs can only happen if pet owners find your content and website during their search. And the only way you’ll appear organically in a search is if Google sees your content as valuable for that specific query. ‍

You should think of every blog post as an opportunity to create value for a pet owner, and in turn, generate positive SEO value for your website. ‍

The more relevant your website’s content is for users, the more often Google will serve it up during user searches. As you get more visitors and traffic to your website, your domain authority enhances because you are seen as a credible resource. Search engines also like websites with lots of lengthy, thorough content, and a blog is a very simple way to produce and post that content consistently. All of these benefits compound to improve your veterinary SEO, helping you rank better and enhancing your website’s visibility in search engines.

Establish Trust Between You and Potential New Pet Owners

When a user lands on your blog page and sees that the content you’re publishing is helpful and relevant, that gives them a reason to keep coming back.

It also plays a huge role in where pet owners decide to seek treatment for their fur babies.

Use your blog as an opportunity to establish trust with new pet owners before they even meet you. If you’re providing helpful tips on how to care for your puppies teeth, or a list of healthy snacks that won’t cause tooth decay, a pet owner seeking a new veterinary dentist will favor your recommendations and treatment over a veterinarian who seems only interested in selling services.

Easing the pet owner into your website, and your office, through helpful blog posts allows them to get to know you, your team and your practice before they commit.

Address Veterinary FAQs

As a veterinarian, you know your craft better than anyone. So you’ll have insight into the frequently asked questions that your pet owners are asking. This not only enhances the trust between pet owner and doctor, it enhances your website’s SEO value because you’ll be providing answers to questions that pet owners are going to the internet to find.

Pro Tip: Just make sure when you answer a question in a blog, that it’s specific and niche. If you find yourself answering several broad questions about, let’s say, blood and the process for getting some done, that’s content best suited for an evergreen service or treatment page.

Create Material for Other Marketing Efforts

The SEO Specialists and Content Writers at Veterinary Marketing work together to find the topics that will enhance our client’s SEO game. In fact, each of our team members contributes to every service we provide our clients. Therefore, we highly recommend that you always consider all your marketing efforts as a whole and continuously explore ways that they can play off of each other.

A single call to action in a silo will likely go unheard, but if you create a unified message across all your marketing channels, you have the potential to reach more pet owners in a more powerful way.

Here are a few examples:

  • Will you be at a local farmers market next month promoting your practice?

Work with our team to write up a blog and share it on social media.

  • Will you be hosting an open house to introduce yourself to the community?

Write up a blog, and share it on social media.

  • Do you want to show your involvement with your neighborhood or town through community outreach programs or free vet days?

Highlight your philanthropy on your website, write up a blog, and share it on social media.

There are a million ways to approach any given marketing campaign and using multiple platforms will only expand your reach. The point is that blogs, similarly to veterinary social media, have a versatility to them that makes them useful for just about anything.

Feeling Excited About Everything a Blog Can Do?


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