Four Tips To Help Get Your Vet Practice More Reviews

Written By:
John Donato
February 15, 2023
Getting reviews for your vet practice is very important. Find out how you can get more reviews and possibly more revenue with these four tips.

In today's digital world, reviews are an essential part of the decision-making process for many consumers. People use them to make informed decisions about products and services. This is especially true for pet owners when it comes to selecting a veterinarian clinic for their beloved furry friends. After all, they want to ensure their pets receive the best possible care from a trusted source. As such, Google Reviews have become critical in helping pet owners find the right vet clinic for their needs. In this article, we will discuss why Google Reviews are so crucial for veterinary clinics and how these clinics can get more reviews on Google to attract more customers and build trust with potential clients.

Does Your Vet Practice Need Reviews?

Absolutely! Google Reviews are essential for vets to show potential clients that they can be trusted to provide quality care. Prospective customers look at reviews on Google before deciding whether to visit a vet clinic. They want to see that other pet owners have had positive experiences with the clinic, which will encourage them to book an appointment. Reviews also allow the clinic to showcase any special services or accommodations they provide for pets and their owners.

Benefits of Online Reviews for Vets

1. Increase visibility and attract new customers

2. Build trust with potential clients

3. Showcase special services or accommodations for pets and their owners

4. Demonstrate the quality of care provided by the clinic

5. Allows customers to provide honest feedback about their experiences

6. Provide an easy way to stand out from competitors

7. Helps vet clinics build better relationships with current customers

8. Increases credibility in search results on Google 

9. Provides a platform for vets to showcase customer testimonials

10. Gives vets valuable insights into how they can improve their services

Tips On Getting More Reviews for Your Vet Practice

  1.  Start by asking people - When it comes to increasing your veterinary practice's online presence, one of the best ways to start is by asking clients for reviews. When done correctly, this can generate more reviews as well as boost trust from potential customers. An excellent way to implement this strategy is by having a customer service survey at checkout or sending follow-up emails or SMS messages with a link to your review page for customers who have had a positive experience. Additionally, incentivizing people for their feedback through discounts or promotions can result in more honest and valuable reviews. However, be sure to avoid making exaggerated promises that cannot realistically be fulfilled, as this will create negative relationships between your business and its customers.
  2. Claim Your Google Business Profile Account - Claiming your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) listing is essential for a veterinary practice to get more reviews. Having an active listing allows potential customers to easily find relevant information about your business when searching on Google, such as opening hours and directions. It also allows customers to leave reviews with ratings that are visible to future customers. To maximize the effectiveness of an active listing, it is important to regularly post updates and respond quickly and knowledgeably to customer questions or reviews. Additionally, contacting loyal customers who have had good experiences in the past can be a great way of getting some positive feedback that will build trust with potential new clients.
  3. Provide "leave a review card" To Give to Customers - Creating a “leave a review” card is an ideal starting point for any vet practice to get more reviews. This card should be branded in the clinic’s style. Once printed, it can be presented to customers after their visits or consultations, giving them all the necessary information about leaving a review online. Moreover, this card should notify customers of the importance of leaving reviews - whether part of their appointment or through follow-up communication via email or social media - to help inspire them to leave one. Creating these cards will increase your reviews' visibility and make more potential customers aware that you offer top-quality services as a vet practice.
  4. Use Your Google Business Profile Review Link - Utilising a Google Business Profile review link is one of the best ways to increase those reviews. You let clients and potential customers know that they can quickly leave their feedback by putting your review link in as many places as possible (e.g., on your website, email newsletters, and social media). You'll see an increase in the number of google reviews if people are made aware of the possibility and how easy it is to do it. In addition, including a call-to-action within every post you put out encourages engagement and reminds people that it takes just a few clicks or taps to provide feedback on your practice. Within no time at all, you'll have more positive reviews - and more customers!

Getting more reviews for your vet practice is essential to increasing trust from potential customers and boosting its online presence. Asking clients for feedback, claiming a Google Business Profile listing, providing “leave a review” cards, and using the Google Business Profile review link are all great strategies that will help increase the visibility of reviews as well as inspire people to leave one. Ultimately, these tactics can elevate your veterinary practice's reputation with just a few clicks or taps!

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